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[Evo X] Review: Yokohama Advan A13C

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  • [Evo X] Review: Yokohama Advan A13C

    After about 9888 miles I finally got the Neovas. I've put on around 350 miles on them and got the most basic feel and I can tell you that they are definitely much grippier than the OEMs, which led me to make a review about the A13s.

    NOTE: I've only got one other tire to compare the A13Cs to, so take this as a review of how I personally felt about the tire itself rather than how it stacks up against other tires. This means this is more of a subjective review, that is why you should take it with a grain of salt and use it for reference only.

    Dry conditions
    The A13C is a pretty damn amazing tire. If we were to disregard it's obnoxious 1700 dollar price tag and just rate it as a tire that happened to come with the car, in terms of grip (in the dry) it receives a solid 8/10. I only drove them at willow springs and they inspired quite a bit of confidence when flying into corners at reasonably high speeds. One of the corners, turn 8, is a high speed corner that can be tackled at around 120 miles per hour. While my testicles only allowed for a tad bit over 100, the tire (which at the time had just barely enough tread-wear to clear the legal limit) stuck to the floor regardless of how much I kept on accelerating. Furthermore, the tires are very stable at speeds of over 120 mph and after 5 hard laps they did not lose or gain much pressure.
    Braking is very good as well. Flying into corner 3 at Willow springs requires hard breaking, and tires play a big role here. There were no 60-0 stops done to test for numbers, but on and off the track the brembos combined with the advans saved me quite a bit. Braking in the dry is 8/10 and total for performance in dry conditions is 8/10.

    Wet conditions
    While the tires are great in dry weather, they are utterly useless in the rain. The heavier it rains, the slower you should drive because you absolutely lose control of the car. When brand new the tires perform decently, but not enough to inspire much confidence. Once the tread starts wearing out, however, they become more and more useless. At half the tread life you should not be driving in medium to heavy rain. Hydroplaning becomes more and more obvious and there's no grip on the front tires (and not much in the rear for that matter), and if the ground is just slightly wet, understeering becomes frustratingly common. Once under 2/32 of tread, the car feels exactly how one would feel going on ice in basketball sneakers. Some control is still in place in light rain, yet understeering is now occuring at even lower speeds than before. Braking is also risky business as tread goes out, common sense here but thought I should mention it. In the wet, these tires get 4/10.

    Loss of grip
    While I rated grip at 8/10, I would like to mention that in the rain (as stated above) or on cold ground, there will be very little grip. Launching the car causes the front tires to spin for quite some time, although when the car was stock this was not an issue. Also, it is reasonably easy to trigger a power slide with these tires, and while they will re-stick themselves once enough momentum is gathered, in second gear or especially in first, losing grip is a no-brainer (as I learned at Willow Springs going into turn 4).


    These tires lasted me almost 10,000 miles which included a ton of daily commuting and a track day. They did get noisier as they wore through, and as soon as tread went under 2/32" they became unbearable on the freeway as they were LOUDER than my exhaust at cruise speeds. One of them got a nail in it and the other one tore a layer of rubber after a donut. A decent number of launches and donuts later, the tires held up very well. Even when bald they still stuck to the floor, although losing grip was even easier. After all the torture I put them through, they held on pretty well. If I was to not launch/do donuts/track the car, I believe 15 thousand is possible. I expected 7000 to be honest and I think they still had some meat left on them and they could have made it to 11000 if I were to wear them down to the strings. Thus, they get a 8/10 for durability.

    I will just say that as good as these tires are, no way in hell are they worth the 1700 dollar price tag. Since the tires came with the car, however, I will not count this against it. What I will say is that for 1700 dollars you could pick up a set of AD08s AND a set of some winter tires if you are located in the east coast.

    Total: 6.7/10

    Not a bad tire, terrible if you live in rainy climates (don't want to know how bad they are in the snow, although I can imagine).