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[Evo X] Review: Kozmic Catch Can

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  • [Evo X] Review: Kozmic Catch Can

    I was originally going to make a mini-review and place is in my progress thread along with the rest of the mini-reviews, but things changed. I've got quite a bit I would like to say about this catch can and its design, its pros and its cons, and finally - its value.

    1. In the box.
    I would like to note that I purchased this catch can used so I'm not aware of what it originally comes with, however this is what I got and then ordered on the side.

    The catch can comes with the can itself, two race-spec hoses with fittings and if purchased brand new you will also get valve cover fittings which come with o-rings included (if you have a plastic valve cover you only need one of these fittings). The quality of the items is top notch. The fittings are solid and take a severe beating. The kit also includes what looks like a 1.5" K&N breather filter (it does not have K&N brand name written on it so I'm unsure, however the filter I replaced it with looks exactly the same). It includes all the necessary clamps and fittings needed for the install. I could not be happier with the amount of things it comes with.
    Packaging: NA because it was bought used (InProgress gets a 10 for being awesome)
    Contents as described: 10/10

    2. First impressions.
    The hoses are flexible, yet they do not break. My complaint is that the kit comes with straight fittings going into the catch can and not 90* fittings as that can make a big difference for the race heads of this forum who run aftermarket oil coolers. Furthermore, I think 90* fittings make the install that much cleaner. Besides being high quality, the hoses and fittings are BIG, and I mean 10AN big. That's more than enough breathing room for the crankcase, especially if you're on a stock turbo set-up, such as myself.
    Quality of parts: 10/10

    3. Installation

    This is where I had some beef with the catch can. In the instructions it clearly states that some cutting will be necessary, which is okay since they let us know. My question is- why? This kit is 400 dollars, and with the extra left side bracket it reaches almost 500. Why do I have to cut anything at all? Murlo had to cut something inside his bumper, I did not since I have not installed the crash beam just yet. Other than that the installation was very straight forward- unbolt the OEM beam bracket and install the catch can in its place. Notice in the photo above that my oil cooler guide was cut up in order to fit the can. It was a bit tough reaching to the nuts on the left side, so I can see why they did not move the catch can more towards the right. It was a compromise between ease of install or necessary cutting. Either way, some fitment points will be deducted. Other than that, it was a reasonably easy and a self explanatory install.
    Fitment: 6.5/10
    Ease of install: 8.5/10

    4. Performance:
    Unlike many catch cans on the market, the Kozmic can comes standard with 10AN fittings. This means lots of breathing room for the crank case, aimed at reducing pressurization. As if that wasn't enough, Kozmic equipped the can with a humongous 1.5" diameter breather, which is to be covered by a 1.5" diameter filter (no ****). Overkill? I say no. Then there's the weight savings aspect of all this voodo. I did not measure the can, but I did feel it to be about as heavy as the OEM beam bracket. Combined with the left side bracket, the Kozmic catch can allows you to hit two birds with one stone- minor weight savings and performance gains. Being a catch can, it prevents oil and blow by from entering the turbo, intercooler and piping, and the intake manifold, thus giving you that peace of mind and preserving the horsepower you would have lost if you kept shooting all the gunk into the engine. In terms of performance and design, I couldn't be happier. Only thing is, it's a bit difficult to drain, but does not require removal of the bumper as once suspected. Simply removing the front portion of the underbody would do, but that's still a bit of work.
    Performance: 10/10
    Ease of use: 7/10

    5. Bang for the buck
    I purchased this can for ~300 bucks after the fittings. Brand new, this can will cost you 400 dollars. Add the 75 dollars for the other beam bracket and, well, you're touching 500 dollars. Is it worth it? I cannot say it isn't, because you really do get a lot with this can. You get high quality fittings, plumbing, and the design of the mount itself is spot-on. It's the fitment of the can that drove the rating in this section down, but not by much. Currently the can comes standard with the drain line kit, thus further living up to its value.
    Value: 8/10

    Overall Rating: 8.6/10
    The can is really good, but nothing is perfect. Thankfully it's got more than enough good qualities to overshadow the minor setbacks it possesses in its design.