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[Evo X] How to: Remove the rear crash bar

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  • [Evo X] How to: Remove the rear crash bar

    Surprised I didn't move this yet.

    Going to use ddawg's template for this since it was so awesome.

    Usual disclaimer: I am not responsible for anything whatsoever that happens if you do this to your car. This instruction manual is to be used for reference only. Use this only at the track.

    I was looking for a how to on the crash bar and the rear bumper but didn't find anything, and even though the process is fairly simple I figured I'd make one in case someone needs this to get a basic idea of how long this would take or just to use it as a reference if they're stuck somewhere.

    ~35lbs of weight removal not including the bolts (as accurate a measurement as I could get with my bathroom scale).

    -Loss of one of the mounting bolts for the rear bumper (behind the license plate). Not sure if this is an issue yet.
    -Loss of protection to the rear end in a low speed collision. (Possible insurance ramifications, be warned).
    -Loss of illumination to the rear license plates- possibly a fix it ticket. Working on a fix.

    Tools Required:
    -12mm socket
    -10mm socket
    -Socket extension and a socket wrench
    -Electric tape
    -Phillips screwdriver
    -Flat head screwdriver/Knife

    Recommended Number of People: 2 - The crash beam is pretty heavy, but can be done with one person.
    Difficulty: 3
    Time to Complete: 0.5 - 2 hours depending on how fast you work.

    Step 1: Removing the Bumper
    There are five 10mm bolts holding the rear bumper in place. This is not including the two bolts holding the license plate to the bumper. Furthermore, there is a number of clips holding the bumper in place underneath the car and in the wheel well.
    a)Remove the license plate (self explanatory. If not, you should probably pay someone to do this delete for you).
    b)Remove the 10 mm bolt holding the bumper to the crash bar (mine is not there because these pictures were taken AFTER the whole process was completed).

    c)Remove the 10 mm bolts on each side in the wheel well, facing towards the sky.

    d)Open the trunk and you'll see two 10 mm bolts under the taillights. Remove them

    Now let's remove the clips.
    e) Remove the screw clips on the fender liner (each side). If you have mud-flaps. simply unscrew the two screws holding the flaps to the bumper. The pic is a snap shot from the Rallyarmor install video since I'm missing my clips. Also remove the clip circled in the picture.

    Edit: thanks to Madmartigan for clearing up why those holes were empty

    Originally posted by Madmartigan
    I removed my rear bumper & diffuser this weekend to sell it, this how to was very helpful and the exact order of steps were perfect.

    The reason you had "holes" instead of clips was for the same reason I did. That's where the mudflaps screw into. So the underside of the diffuser in our case had 2 screws, plus 4 clips to remove.

    f) Remove the following clips on the underside of the bumper (I'm not sure if there are clips in those blank holes and I lost them or none to begin with but just in case I circled them. If you don't have clips there, even better).

    g) Now we are ready to remove the bumper. Gently pull on each corner of the bumper. Be careful, as you may damage your paint.

    Don't be afraid to pull it harder if it's resisting. If you have ever done a front bumper removal, they are pretty much alike. Check out step 8 in this guide, very similar.

    Step 2: Crash bar removal
    Before we remove the crash bar, let's get the harness out of the way. At first I removed it from the crash bar, only to realize I didn't have to do that. All you have to do is cut the wires connecting to the license plate illuminators then remove the tab connected to the chassis.
    NOTE: You do not have to cut the wires. You could make a custom bracket on the bumper and connect the lights onto that. You could also simply disconnect the wires from the lights and tape them somewhere in the bumper. Cutting it is the simplest option.
    In the picture blow the circle tab needs to be removed and the dashed lines is approximately where the wires should be cut.

    Use electrical tape to cover the wires.
    There are six 12mm bolts holding the crash beam to the chassis. Remove these bolts and the crash beam will come off.
    NOTE: The crash beam is PRETTY HEAVY so it's suggested you have someone else holding it while you loosen the last few bolts.

    You could probably pull this off yourself, I did, but it's not a light bar. After this point it's a matter of putting everything back together. This bolt will not be going back in:

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask.