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Why no v8........?

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    ^ And that is why there aren't many. That price is a bargain for what you're getting, but most people shopping for a $30k track car aren't looking for a Miata.

    There aren't that many big-horsepower Miatas at the track regardless of how they accomplish it, and I think that's also because the popular recipe of low-power, excellent handling, full-on momentum car is so fun that relatively few owners stray beyond that.

    Also, it's just statistics. There are relatively few Miatas with V8s out there to start with. The number that ever see a racetrack are only a fraction of that. Then cut that down again to just a fraction of those which actually had the additional budget put into them to be reliable and fast under track use. And if all that didn't already make the odds of seeing a V8 Miata go fast at the track practically nil, figure the odds that the owner of such a unicorn is actually a fast driver...

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