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Miata brake upgrades

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    Originally posted by Blackbird View Post
    Probably one of the reasons that despite a deep well of Miata knowledge on THQ, there aren't many recommendations...
    I'd just stick 1.8L or sport brakes on with good pads, SS lines and fluid and call it a day.
    What is the consensus of a "good" pad? Time attack/HPDE use mainly for 99 Miata non-sport brakes in "street" class for Roadster Cup.
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      Been running PFC's on Morpheus and liking them a lot.

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        If weight is primary concern, an 11" Wilwood BBK in front and NA8 rears would be the lightest and best bang for the buck. NA6 rears are too small to match the 11" fronts. You'll save a total of about 8lbs off the front and gain about 2lbs in rear.
        Sport Brakes up front and NA8 rears would work from a performance standpoint but not be sexy and clearly, that's a project goal of yours.

        Aside from their cost I never understood why people race them.
        But obviously I just dont get it. -fatbillybob


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          I was merely trying to start a conversation about Miata brakes, I wasn't really looking for recommendations for this project.

          What combos of parts have you used for your various track/racecars. I feel like I have a pretty good handle on what's available for Miatas but I've only modified one car and I'm always looking to learn something new. There are forum sponsors here who sell kits, what cars would various kits be good for power / purpose and pros and cons.
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            My uninformed and cheap Miata brake experience:

            I went from stock 1.6 calipers to the big Sport ones (front and rear) last year for my STL '90 Miata. Night and day difference in braking capacity and pad longevity, of course. Budget, or lack thereof, was more of a concern than weight.

            Excluding pads, I was all in for $320 including 4 new Centric rotors from Amazon. I already had stainless lines and the calipers I purchased as used included the different-length stainless ones for sport brakes.

            For a 105-degree Thunderhill SCCA weekend in September last year, I added Allstar brake duct hose to my Supermiata-like air dam and Singular 3" ducts. No fade in a 30 minute race.

            The only bad part about Sport brakes is that I am partial to Hawk pads, and none of the newer DTC-50/60 compounds are available for the Sport calipers that I know of (I usually buy from Tire Rack or ebay and I haven't looked that hard anywhere else). So I've been running old Blues since I'm cheap. Sometimes a full set of blues will pop up on ebay for ~$170. They were extremely noisy on out-laps at freezing Thunderhill this past Saturday!

            Over the next month or two I'll be getting rid of the booster ("big" cams, funky vacuum) and dropping in a reman 15/16" master cylinder. Then A Wilwood prop valve/remote adjuster combo from Goodwin is on the menu just in time for the first regional in March.