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buy a MINI JCW?

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    Originally posted by jqsti2015 View Post
    Overheating with 200hp doesn't make any sense.
    Of course it is not the HP number that is the issue, it is a small turbo producing max boost for its size combined with an inadequate cooling system for the scenario. There definitely are people tracking the ST but radiator and oil cooler seem to be a must.


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      Originally posted by eyeballs View Post
      My daily is a well sorted mazda 2. It's an absolute blast on the street, auto-x, and windy mountain roads. I took it to a track night event and was amazed at how not fun it was compared to my miata track car. And that was on a low hp friendly track (atlanta motorsports park).
      I think you should try and find a rwd hatch/wagon if you must have the room. IS300 wagon (apparently super rare in a manual, but I've heard they are a blast on track), bmw wagon, etc.
      The IS300 wagon (Sportcross) does not come in a manual version only the automatic with sport shift (up/down buttons on the steering wheel). It's surprisingly nimble, not great of fuel economy.

      Originally posted by ucfbrett View Post
      Don't laugh, but maybe an E46 wagon with a manual transmission?
      I have a 325i 2wd manny wagon. It's fantastic. Very discreet, more functional and economical than out IS300 Sportcross that preceded it. 2WD manuals in the wagon are very rare. They weren't something dealers kept on the lots, so they are all custom-ordered. Our '05 is great for DD, my wife commutes in ATL traffic with it. It's pretty stealthy, no one expects it to be a manual so hole shots in traffic are really satisfying and easy to win. I did a burnout at the grocery store, everyone stared at the Mustang driver in front of me. It's not the most powerful, but that L6 is buttah! You have a huge update/backdate compatibility with it and it doesn't mind hustling through the corners when you want it to.
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      Originally posted by jqsti2015 View Post
      Yea I know...but new miata with LSD is expensive now. I saw some paying 35k OTD.
      I would look at a WRX wagon, 04-05 Civic Si over anything Mini. The Minis are just really awful in terms of reliability, and I really like the way they drive. I would *consider* a newer GTI, or A3, but VWs aren't that much better than Minis.
      Yer pal,