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    Originally posted by Red_5 View Post
    The gate opening is only 2' wider than the trailer so while not terrible, it's tricky by yourself especially when cars are waiting to get by.

    The new truck is longer than the Aspen and the new trailer will be longer than my old trailer. That might make things interesting. I think my new trailer is 6" narrower than the old so that will help.
    Yeah 2ft wiggle room is not a lot. But I have no pity for you having to put up with that and getting to live where you live. I told my wife that we are moving there someday.
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      Originally posted by albertg View Post
      Yeah 2ft wiggle room is not a lot. But I have no pity for you having to put up with that and getting to live where you live. I told my wife that we are moving there someday.
      There's a house down the street for sale. We'd welcome you to the neighborhood with open arms.
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        One of these electric trailer dollies showed up on craigslist up here in NorCal. The house I was looking at renting fell through so I don't have a need for it right now.
        electric trailer dolly power dolly trailer mover
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          I just bought one of these yesterday..

          ...and it already showed up in the mail this morning. Ill come back with a review once I've had a chance to use it. At $640 shipped- it wasn't cheap but hopefully it will do the trick helping me store my trailer against a wall to maximize space in my driveway.


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            So reporting back here. I've had a chance to use my Trailer Valet XL about 8-10 times.

            I have a narrow (8ft) sloped driveway of about 10* that flattens out and opens up at the top. Up top its a minimally slanted 2.5 car wide space in front of the garage door with a wall over on the far right. I keep my trailer (19ft aluminium feather-light open top) against that wall to allow access to the garage spots. The further to the right I get it the the more room I have to get cars in and out. The problem is the geometry of the driveway, width and a very unfortunately placed tree only lets me get it about 85% up the drive way and cocked to the side.
            Previously, I had to enlist help from friends to muscle it up and swing it over to sit parallel to the wall. After doing this a few times or using a jack and ****ty Harbor Freight come-along by myself I almost had the trailer break loose and roll back down the driveway i decided that I would need a solution that would no destroy my back or potentially cause property/trailer destruction. Like I said above the Trailer Valet XL wasn't cheap at $640 but after adding up the cost of other solutions and the potential for damage/injury by not doing it correctly, it seemed a right bargain. Also for longevity sake i'll hopefully be able to use for years and years in future houses and situations.

            As I said above- I ordered directly from the website (it was cheaper than the Amazon price also being sold by the manufacture, weird) and it arrived literally the next day by 10am so I'm assuming they're local to SoCal. After unboxing i gave it a once over. It looks and feels very sturdy with a steel construction and a nice powdercoat finish. its heavy so you probably would not want to bring it with you (i just leave mine home when im at the track) but its small enough that you could fit it in the tow vehicle if you needed too.
            When hooking it up to the trailer the instructions are very clear that the collar under the ball hitch must be snug or the trailer can slip and fall off, I found the easiest way to do that is to lower the trailer on top of the unit, clamp down the trailers hitch interface,
            then lift the trailer valet back up in the air using the trailers foot pad. This Lets the unit hang free and allows you to really cinch down on the Valets collar while not supporting any weight from the trailer. Once that is all tight lower it back down and the valet will easily support the unladen trailer weight. Moving the trailer is as easy as it shows in the promotional video. In my situation its a bit tricky as the first 4 feet on my move need to go over compact dirt of the arid landscaping we put it. If you try and move the trailer at too sharp of an angle the wheels will lose traction, NABD once you get the idea. After it rained once i used a wood plank on top the mud and it easily made the 2 inch transition down to the concrete of the while the trailer was hooked up. The automatic brake is nice to hold things in place while I chock the wheels once it where I want it. So far I've been able to move the trailer from its home and into the driveway where I hook it up to the truck in like 10 min, start to finish.

            The best part is its a relativity stress free, I can take my time and make sure i don't throw my back out. putting it away I just can reverse the process and have it back in its spot after a long track day by myself in the dark. All in all i'd recommend it if someone is looking for a solution to getting their trailer in a tight spot, especially having to do it, by yourself. I wouldn't recommend it to move a trailer long distances up a hill over slippery ground. Time will tell on the longevity of the tool but it doesn't feel maxed out or weak or creaking at any point during its operation. so so far so good, fingers crossed there.


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              Thanks for following up. I may need one of these.

              Question: You said " . . . the valet will easily support the unladen trailer weight. " Would using the electric trailer dolly with a car on the trailer be unwise or difficult?

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                I guess that would depend on the all in tongue weight of your trailer with the car on it. In my case with a light trailer and a light car I could see it not being an issue- but if I (or you) had a heavier car and steel trailer it may out weigh the maximum load limit on the unit. To be honest I'm not even sure what the max is but i think as long as you under it there would be no real reason it wouldn't work. Obviously things like gradients and surface types would play in, but as far as how the unit sets up and operates i don't see a problem


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                  I have the original Trailer Dolly ... not the XL version ... and I've only used it a handful of times in the past 18 months of ownership. My succinct review would be that it works pretty darn well if you're moving the trailer in a relatively straight line fwd or back. The trouble comes if you are trying to turn a 2-axle trailer at any sort of angle. Even using the low gear of the Dolly, this is extremely difficult if not impossible.

                  I just noticed the drill attachment and may grab one to see if that helps make turning a little easier.


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                    Anyone else buy one of these products? I'm seriously considering one to get my travel trailer into its parking spot. It would be cheaper than widening the gate opening plus I like the idea of pulling the trailer hitch first into the space.
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                      I bought an older used powercaster since at the shop i share there are a few trailers and getting them positioned can be treacherous without assitance. Its a godsend. The 60 year old full time inhabitant i share with now can move a trailer by himself while smoking a cigarette and playing with his dog.

                      My shop space is the last shop in an industrial complex, and 2 doors before mine is a famous mopar restorer, so occacionally there are barret-jackson quality things i must back my trailer past. Nobody wants to sideswipe a numbers matching superbird with their trailer. I can now drop the trailer off my truck at the driveway and walk it in if needed. It also lets me parallel park it if needed.

                      If you have any reason you would need to push a trailer ever, buy one and save yourself the headache. I picked up mine used for $450 in good shape, just in need of a battery.

                      Also if you are going to buy one, bring a truck, these things are heavy and might not fit in a sedan trunk. I was astonished how heavy it was.