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cleaning oil from race tires

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  • cleaning oil from race tires

    Dear Experts,
    When arriving home from my last race weekend, much too long ago, I had an unfortunate event when unloading my car. It was dark and I started it up to drive into the garage when my beautiful and demure wife was screaming her freaking head off at me. I looked out and there was fluid everywhere. Shut it off and got out and it looked like several barrels of oil were in the street. I had to get the car in the garage so the oil was all over the tires as I pushed it in. My first priority was not having my wife kill me so I spent the next several days cleaning my driveway. I sprayed a little Simple Green on the tires and wiped them off. My concern is can I still use them? If so, what else should I do to clean them if anything? They are Kumho race tires. Thanks, Dave

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    I would have said Simple Green, but you already used it.

    You can still use the tires. Just be careful for the first few laps. And buy your wife some jewelry.


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      Thanks Brett but I think you just broke the "car guy code" by suggesting that perfectly good racing money should be wasted on jewelry!


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        Do you have any idea how hard it is for me not to jump on this post? LOL


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          Yes Steve, I do know how hard it is and I applaud your restraint.