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why european manufacturers obssesed with non-ASM 4 point ?

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  • why european manufacturers obssesed with non-ASM 4 point ?

    I refused to get into cars with non-ASM 4 point.
    Many HPDE organizations have ruled non-ASM 4 point illegal to run.

    then why are Porsche, Ferrari, Alfa, etc.. all have been running non-ASM 4 point in their high end "track" models ? what are we missing ? here, what do they know we don't ?
    I am speechless whenever I tell someone their non-ASM 4 point is a death trap, and they show me a picture of a Ferrari with 4 point......... "like you know more than Ferrari" look

    We were at the Ring, all their track cars are non-ASM 4-point.....
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    Because Americans like to forego personal responsibility and file lawsuits? I was told automotive manufacturers supply Simpson Hybrid S devices to participants at press junkets at the local tracks here, drivers and passengers.
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      Tort laws are different in Europe.