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Kook's Spec Miata exhaust

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  • Kook's Spec Miata exhaust

    I recently bought the Kooks exhaust system from Mazda Motorsports for my new build, and I have to say it's spectacular. It's quiet enough that I think it would pass sound on minimum days at Laguna Seca. The fit and finish is excellent, too.

    Through the course of three different cars, I've had the Springfield Dyno, the Borla and now the Kook's. For a track-duty Miata, it's the best $349 you can spend on exhaust.

    If every SM had this exhaust, we wouldn't need ear plugs.

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    Yeah I run that one. Only trouble is trying to shift for cars around me.


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      Yeah, I ran into that, too, when I had the auxiliary muffler on my car. I could hear others' cars, but not my own. I think I'll be looking for a shift-light setup.


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        Nice work
        Kooks makes nice stuff. Only seen their Mustang stuff. But they are at the top when it comes to fit and finish.
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