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How do you wash your race car?

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  • How do you wash your race car?

    How is everyone washing their race cars with no windows and various vents?

    I'm usually just careful where I spray the water but maybe there is a better product I can just spray on and wipe off. I already use Mother's R3 Racing Rubber Remover which cleans off the tire rubber marks but that's after I wash it with water and a normal car wash.
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    When I actually wash it beyond using R3, I'm just careful with the hose. I also have some waterless car wash from a green store that works pretty well.
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      hahaha. wash race car, he said. hahaha.
      Do you understand?


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        Don't, that's bad luck.


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          - Use Purple Power to get 95% of the tire booger marks off
          - Goof-off to get the last few obstinate booger marks off
          - California Duster to get dust off the lexan windows (washing the lexan causes scratches)
          - Wipe the whole thing down with damp cloth, bucket of soapy water and a towel.


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            I thought that is what wraps are for?


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              The dust makes it go faster. No washee . . .
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                Get a gopher almost every pit crew has one, that's their job clean up and get stuff. You never know when a sponsor will visit.
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                  I lay on a good layer of wax on paint, then either wipe with a damp cloth or preferably with the Motul Spray and Shine.

                  The main reason for the wax is that it makes it much easier to get off stickers when you have to repair and repaint. Essentially, heat melts the wax and the decals come right off (much easier than applied to bare paint).

                  But the SRF also has the advantage of a body that comes off.



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                    I'll treat this as a serious question, Anthony.

                    I put in my OEM windows with the Advanced Autosport plates attached with JB Weld. My car is missing the vent windows, so I just spray from the opposite side of the car to rinse the windshield and roof.

                    I have purple power for now for the rubber marks, but R3 is milder on the finish. Car wash soap for washing.


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                      I've bought some of these, will try it out.....
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                        Blow it off with compressed air, and Motul's "shine and go"