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Alfano Tyre Control pyrometer & pressure gauge ?

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  • Alfano Tyre Control pyrometer & pressure gauge ?


    I know Alfano is known for their karting equipment, but this pyrometer looks pretty nice for a one man show. It will take and store pressure and temps fairly quickly.

    What do you think?

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    well, I have one ordered, we'll see how it works.


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      It works very well, by myself, I can take pressures and temps in about 1 minute. Then I go back and look at the numbers. For each set of readings it has you take the surface temp measurement also.
      Prior to going out, you take cold pressures & temps plus the surface temp. After your run, you take the same measurements. Later, comparing the readings it shows you the difference between the before and after.
      It can be calibrated, and you can set up the order of the readings ( I go; pressure, inside, center, outside starting at the LF and go counter clockwise)

      They offer a communication adaptor so the data can be transferred to a laptop for analysis, I passed on that option for now.
      all in all, it works well for me when I am solo.


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        Hoping to see mine by tomorrow... in time to add to the "To COTA" pile!


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          Well, the Alfano Tyre Pressure/Temp chingadero arrived today.... DOA. It would power on and 80% of the segments were randomly illuminated and it wouldn't respond to any input. No master reset. Pulled batteries and re-installed, no difference. Put in new batteries, no difference. Called re-seller and no help... and no more in stock. Guess I'll have to get temps and pressures with two different devices - how inconvenient! lol


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            That's a bummer that is was doa. We need someone else to get it better than 50/50.
            It is really nice to jump out the car, quickly press a few buttons and take the measurements, get out of your gear. Then look at the readings.