Ok, a question I should already know the answer to....

About 3 years ago I purchased a used AMB transponder that I think was 5-7 yrs old. It had been barely used, so it worked fine. Lasted all weekend, although it would literally take about 36 hrs to fully charge from dead.

Anyway, I lost it recently. So, now I'm a bit confused with the new MyLaps transponders and this subscription thing? What's the subscription and how does it differ from what I did with mine. I would go to track days with the POC, Speedventures, Extreme Speed and they'd all record my times OK. A couple years ago I "registered" with MyLaps and then I could view my times on trackdays with I guess the organization reporting the times to the MyLaps website. But, I didn't have to pay anything for this. So, somebody give me a quick primer on what's up nowadays.