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So heres a stupid question, water pressure warning light

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  • So heres a stupid question, water pressure warning light

    I decided I needed to monitor my coolant pressures after reading some horror stories and the Budget Electronics thread on here

    I bought this kit:
    Engine Warning Light Systems - Longacre Water Pressure Warning Light Kit

    and installed per the instructions:.

    Run a wire from the ignition switch or dash lights to one side of the indicator light. Run another wire from the other side of the light to the pressure sender. The senders are self grounding and this will complete the circuit. Whenever the ignition switch is on and the pressure is below the set point of the sender, the light will come on and warn you.

    But the light does not work as it should, or at all. Im wondering of it has something to do with this 'self grounding' how can it ground its self when its suspended in a coolant hose? Im SURE other people here have these, is there something specific that im missing, there got to be since this is the most straight froward thing on my entire car.

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    If you spliced the coolant line and put the sensor in an inline hose sensor adapter, then the housing needs to be provided a ground. There is probably a threaded hole with a small bolt on the housing the sensor is in that will allow you to run a ground wire from there to a ground source on the car. That will provide the ground to the housing and allow the sensor to ground.


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      that is exactly what I was thinking, thank you for the confirmation.