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  • AMB 360 Transponder

    Question: Is there any reason that a hard-wired AMB 360 transponder would ever stop working?

    I have two non-subscription models, one of which I bought from Pegasus the moment AMB announced the subscription program. I'm raising funds to build the new car, so I might sell it, but I'm curious if they ever "wear out," at which point I'd be roped into a subscription.

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    I've never heard of one wearing out. I'm aware of folks who have these transponders on their cars for many years (15+ years?) and they still work.

    Some people speculate that AMB/MyLaps will try to make them obsolete with changes to the T&S S/W but I don't see that happening as long as there are enough people buying the new, subscription-based ones. Plus, there'd by a driver revolt, lol.

    Regarding prices for the older transponders, I suspect that they are close to being peaked but who knows. These days they seem to be going for between $500-550, assuming they don't look beat up.

    Best of luck and it'd be cool to see a build thread for your new car.


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      I'll have to look through old receipts, if I have any, but I think I paid $500 for it from Pegasus. That'd be what I'd sell it for.


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        Dibs on any non-sub AMB's you decide to sell

        Aside from their cost I never understood why people race them.
        But obviously I just dont get it. -fatbillybob


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          I have one hard wire non-sub AMB for $500.
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            My understanding on the transponders is that the hardware (transponder, receiver) will always work, but an organization might change the software they use to process the signals. If that software is of the subscription type only only accept a given list of "active" transponders, the users will have to conform to that service if they require timing and scoring.
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