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Brake Setup Dilemma

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  • Brake Setup Dilemma

    OK, peeps. My 88' TurboII is getting a braking make-over. I'm going with 13" rotors all around with Wilwood SLRs all around- just different piston sizes. I've got the option of setting up my braking system one of two ways:

    Complete DIY pedal box on slider
    1. Floor-mounted: on seat slider system
    2. 5.25-1 pedal ratio

    1. Adjustable for other drivers (wife, sister)
    2. Can move seat to rear-most position for optimal weight distribution
    3. Set-up 90% completed-not installed
    4. Cool factor-damn proud of it!

    1. Relatively heavy-5.90 lbs
    2. 5.25 pedal ratio (all manual system)
    3. Masters to sit at brake caliper height (bleeding issues?)


    DIY Brake arm using OEM location

    1. Easier to build and build quickly
    2. The ability to increase leverage to 6.0 to 1
    3. Master cylinders sit at higher plane for easier bleeding
    4. Will only need to utilize two masters cylinders instead of three, thereby freeing up the third master for hand-brake usage
    5. Can locate masters in engine compartment increasing safety
    6. Lighter weights involved


    1. Cannot easily adjust driver setup for other drivers
    2. Must build new master cylinder/firewall bracing for the added PSI needed to operate system.

    So, that's what I've come up with so far. Any and all thoughts are welcome.


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    I have the tilton floor mounted pedals. They feel fantastic! Use a power bleeder and don't worry about the mc location.

    I have my reservoirs on my rollcage and it is very convenient. I was worried the pedal ratio would be too stiff but it has been perfect.


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      Ah, thanks Hakeem! It looks like Tilton has a 5.29-1 to 5.75-1 pedal ratio-close to my set-up.


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        Yup that's what I have. Mounting it is a pita, at least in an FD.

        An overhung setup is much easier to mount, I had one in my FC.