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Aim solo 2 DL worth it over regular Aim solo 2?

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  • Aim solo 2 DL worth it over regular Aim solo 2?

    On a quest to become a better driver, I am looking to purchase a lap timer. First thing first, I dont plan to buy the smartycam anytime soon. Will the DL show my throttle position, brake input, engine speed etc etc in the data graph? Or does that only translate to the smartycam footage? Thanks in advance as I couldn't find an answer on google. For hpde and time attack purposes.
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    It's good, but you have to be somewhat computer savvy to extract the most out of it.

    Otherwise, you're just looking at lines and graphs without the ability to filter/group on the appropriate data.

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      It will if your ECU is supported and you have a brake pressure sensor. Most cars don't have the brake pressure sensor from the factory though. Throttle trace is huge IMO and will add another layer of analysis over a non standard DL. Don't get me wrong though, the standard Solo is still pretty powerful in itself, especially coming from no data at all. it will show your GPS speed, lateral / long G's, and where you are loosing and gaining time and by how much.

      AIM support is pretty good when you email them. Typically they will respond within 24 hours or less. Mostly comes out of Colorado, so when you email them at night, you will typically see a response first thing in the morning.

      It sucks for me though because I have a Megasquirt PNP2, and the protocol hasn't been created yet for the Solo 2 DL. Note, the battery life is much better on the standard Solo. Mine is hooked up to 12vdc so I don't have any issues with it running out of battery half way through the day.

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