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Big willow critique

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  • Big willow critique

    I did big willow for the first time in a rwd car. The lap provided is from the 1st session of the day but it also turned out to also be my ftd. I dont have any data overlay or tire pyrometer readings but any help with the lines will be greatly appreciated! Flame suit on.

    2013 miata club with oem lsd
    2600lbs with driver
    245/40/17 nexen sur4g (this session is at 17 heat cycles) squared on 17x9
    10k front with progress front bar on stiffest
    8k rear with no sway bar
    No aero
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    1: missed apex, but good use of the tire's potential otherwise. Track out even if you don't need to.
    2a: you can probably scare yourself on entry a little more
    2b: track out even if you don't need to
    3: turnin is way early, downshift ugly, all wrong, but hey the exit turned out ok-ish
    4b: you generally want to apply the gas just once, but I like that you're playing around at the limit of adhesion.
    5: loose on entry probably isn't gonna get you a fast lap time. The braking and downshift could use tidying up. You need to be FLUNG to the outside of 5 and wondering if you'll stay on asphalt.
    6, 7, 8 not corners. You may be able to brave the bumps on the inside of 8, I think the resurfacing may have cleaned those up some.
    9 not bad, but you can probably turn in earlier and scare yourself more on entry, middle, and exit.


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      Thanks for the reply Rob! I agree with everything you said from examining my own video. Ill be going to big willow in a month and will definitely keep everything you said into consideration!