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"Dieselgate..." Anybody done it with the 2.0L or doing it with the 3.0L?

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  • "Dieselgate..." Anybody done it with the 2.0L or doing it with the 3.0L?

    Hello fellow Westcoasters,

    So I couldn't resist...after reading about it way too much and the Lexus RX finally dying, i got myself a lease return Audi Q5 TDI!
    Already started the online paperwork and got an email confirming the VW settlement at around $8500 in two installments. Plus the fix, the warranty of the emission fix and to be honest i am not giving up on a potential buy-back, especially in CA...

    Loving the car and the 428lb torque, always wanted to get one anyway but why not getting "paid" for it?
    Tried to find a Cayenne diesel but those are really hard to find and most of the times, frankly the numbers just don't add up or make sense.

    AMA or help guide me through if you might have already done it with the 2.0L settlement.

    Cheers ALL!

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    I also heard they're not selling Ram Ecodiesels anymore.


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      I heard on NPR, IIRC, there are more models from other marques that are going to be pulled and tested.
      Yer pal,


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        I sold my 2.0 Passat back and got about $2,500 less than I paid for it with 48,000 miles on it.

        Process was pretty easy, although the website can be difficult to figure out.

        Make sure you know what you want to do because once you make a choice it is almost impossible to change your mind.

        Got about $21K for the buy-back and bought a used E350 MB for $16K. No regrets.

        Not sure you qualify for the buy-back if you just bought the car,



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          ^thanks for the info. I made sure i would be included. The trick is to find a one owner car, and that car must have been sold after JAN this year. Already registered with VW and claim is going thru!