Arroyo Seco Raceway is a paved roadcourse style race track, located near Akela Flats, New Mexico. It also includes a drag strip and supermoto course. Akela Flats is roughly between Deming and Las Cruces. The racetrack is visible to traffic traveling on I-10, just to the south of the freeway.

The roadcourse is able to be used in multiple configurations. It can be run in either clockwise or counter clockwise directions, with 2 configurations each. The longer course is 1.4 miles and includes a tight set of esses and a chicane. The shorter course deletes the esses and chicane and is 1.1 miles. The result is effectively 4 different track configurations for racing.

Track Address:
Arroyo Seco Raceway
20030 HWY 549 SE
Deming, NM 88030

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