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SoCal: 2001 Honda Prelude. Economic, comfortable daily, fun weekend warrior.

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  • SoCal: 2001 Honda Prelude. Economic, comfortable daily, fun weekend warrior.

    I realize that for $4k you could have a reasonably sorted Miata for HPDE. I loved my NA8 and it totally crossed my mind to get another one when I found myself needing to sell my S2K for something cheaper, but I wanted a bigger, more comfortable vehicle. This Prelude has been a rock solid reliable daily for me for the last 1.5 years, parts are cheap, it's easy to work on, cheap to run at the track, gets 27 mpg, and it's super comfy to log freeway miles in.

    You: Value performance, economy and fun/dollar. You are looking for a vehicle that can run errands around town comfortably, get you to work reliably, and go rip a track day or your favorite twisty road on the weekend.
    This Prelude runs exceptionally strong, and from a performance standpoint is likely the most sorted on the used market in Southern California, certainly for the price anyway.

    Here are some details about the car. Please read the whole ad. Feel free to ask questions.

    $4350 with "spares package", evo wheels, Corbeau bucket. Currently equipped with factory seat/wheels.
    Heater blows hot, AC blows cold. All power features work, including cruise control.

    Body has 196,605 miles. Interior in great shape, still feels tight as a drum.
    Engine mileage is hard to say. The engine importers all claim 30-40k miles. Real testing (Compression and dyno) reveal a very healthy engine. I'm happy to compression test it for you in front of you.

    1998 JDM H23A VTEC, just re-tuned in September, made 221.63 hp / 179.68 lb ft on the dyno.

    Compression test Sep 2019, Cyl 1 210, Cyl 2 205, Cyl 3 205, Cyl 4 210.

    If you are not familiar, these engines were found in the Japanese market Accord SiR wagon, which was only available with an automatic transmission. These engines are found easily for $900-1000, and thanks to the longer stroke and higher compression ratio make more power/tq than the standard H22A4 that it replaced.

    Hondata S300 programmable engine managment. Dyno tuned by Church Automotive testing.
    S300 was installed into an OBDI P72, freshly rebuilt by Hondata.
    AEM X-Series Inline Wideband UEGO AFR Controller

    Injen CAI, PLM Tri Y header, custom 2.5" exhaust with large resonator, hi flow cat, and Greddy muffler.

    Accord SiR T2T4 transmission with LSD. Same ratios 1-4 as the Prelude, but with a slightly taller 5th for better cruise MPG and the helical LSD which helps this car pull hard off the corner.
    Redline MTL fluid.
    ACT clutch. Fidanza 9lb flywheel.

    Innovative Traction Bar Kit with optional front engine mount. Between this and the LSD, this Prelude hooks up great, straight line or cornering.

    Ingalls engine torque damper. Between this and the new front engine mount, engine movement has been greatly reduced without using annoyingly stiff aftermarket engine mounts

    Tein Street Advance coilover damper kit. 16 levels of damping adjustment. While far from a track coilover, they are comfy and cheap.

    Weapon R short shift kit

    Air/oil separator kit

    2 sets of wheels/tires:
    Stock wheels with fresh General Altimax AS-05 (all season)
    Enkei Evo8 (17x8, +38), with Federal RS-PRO 225/45/17 (extreme performance summer, fast and sticky). I just spent $600 on these tires at the beginning of November.

    Centric 125 series rotors
    Hawk DTC 30 for HPDE
    Centric 306 (metallic, extended wear) street pads


    Sony Bluetooth/CD/Aux/USB stereo. New OEM Honda door speakers. Acoustic Feedback System bypassed for a better soundstage. Actually sounds great.

    Genuine OEM Honda carbon fiber interior trim kit. It's subtle, and it's a bit worn in places, but it's kind of neat and rare if you're into that.

    Recent maintenance (all at 176,700 miles). I have a comprehensive maintenance log I can share as needed.

    -Valve adjustment
    -Timing belt
    -Timing belt tensioner
    -Balance shaft belt
    -Cam seals
    -Oil pump seal
    -Balance shaft seal
    -Front crank seal
    -NGK Iridium Plugs
    -Genuine Honda knock sensor
    -Fresh rotors and pads
    -Fresh fluid in clutch and braking system
    -Fresh coolant
    -Rebuilt PS pump, fresh fluid.
    -AC system evacuated, held at vacuum for 30 minutes, and recharged.
    - New cabin filters
    - New OEM cabin bulbs
    - New IACV (@ 179k miles)
    - New distributor, spark plug wires, and OEM FIAV (@ 186k miles)
    - Injectors, cleaned, balanced, and flow tested by RC Engineering (@ 194k miles)

    Oil changed every 3K with Mobil 1 0w-40 and Genuine OEM Honda filters. I actually recently switched it over to Rotella T6 5w40 for slightly better HTHS.

    No accident history, body is straight. This was really important to me when I was looking for a Prelude. So why the different colors? The original bumper and left fender had some small dings. The silver parts are perfectly straight. Leftover from my last Prelude. I had planned to paint the car eventually.
    No rust. California car its whole life.

    Other info:

    Corbeau FX1 Pro fixed back bucket seat with Prelude specific bracket is pictured. Car currently has the stock seat in it because it's far better for the street. I only use the racing seat at the track.
    The Corbeau seat and the Evo wheels can be included if the asking price is met.

    I have a pretty good amount of spare parts that i'll include with the vehicle. Rotors, brake pads, alternator, AC compressor, power steering pump, original ECU, misc interior parts, ETC ETC ETC

    contact David, 9four9 three85 339two or h22aaccord94 at yahoo

    A little vid from CVR last Feb
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