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Why Do You Race?

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  • Why Do You Race?

    I don't race - too old, too cheap, too inept - but this is good food for thought - even for us non-racing, "time trial" guys.

    I do have to think, though, that wheel-to-wheel brings with it a much higher level of decision making and track awareness - not to mention the enhanced sense of competition - that greatly amplify the experience.

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    That was a good short read. It is interesting that Bentley calls it the most relaxing thing he does. He goes on to write:
    "But it is, right? On the track, nothing else matters. Itís you, your car, and the pavement. And a few fellow relaxers. If youíre doing the job even half right, you donít think about work, family, or much of anything besides how to do the task at hand better. Thatís focus, and opportunities for it are both rare in adult life and freeing."

    I didn't know this was a common thing for racers. For me, when I am out on the warm up lap for a race, about half way around the lap, if I am nervous that all goes away. Even at the big races. By the time we starting forming up for the start I don't think about another think in my life. I only think about driving, the race, and a gunfighters singular eyesight on the starter stand. I don't think about how my kid is doing in school, or the big client who owes me a lot of money and is past due, or anything else in my life. Just racing....

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      I race to go flat out.

      But seriously, nothing else makes me feel truly alive like driving at the limit and or racing.
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        I am a worrier. I worry about my business. I worry about my family. I worry about the world, When I am preparing for a race weekend, I worry that I might forget something. When I am on my way to the track, I worry something will happen on the road. When I get to the track I worry that I won't get through tech or the car won't start or some other crazy thing that never happens. But when I am on the grid, all that seems to go away and I just think about the race. It is so calming.