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Nice Comeback for SM Win Sunday, May 19 AAA Speedway

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  • Nice Comeback for SM Win Sunday, May 19 AAA Speedway

    Ryan Pond started 4th, got punted off at Turn 3 in lap 1 and found himself in 13 position. The rest is making lemonade from lemons....

    Notes: 1) The annoying rattling is from an unused fire bottle mount. 2) No, Ryan doesn't know how to do a good 2-3 upshift (lol).

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

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    That was one hell of a race.


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      Ooooh, excellent defense by Steve and great job to Ryan for not making contact on that last lap. Excellent stuff.


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        Missed you Rob! FYI - our 1.8 blocks are at the same machine shop. I tipped the owner to give me the better of the two after inspection

        Regarding the race, Steve ran good all weekend but had a crank position sensor fail on lap 2 of Saturday qualifying. But he had good times all weekend. Justin and Hannah were battling in the early part of the race - I suppose the reason that couldn't pull away from the pack. Unfortunately they had an incident at Turn 6 and both were off. Hannah was able to get back on but Justin's car took a lot of damage. Anyway, that opened up the front of the field... and Steven drove his butt off which was great to see. The season points race is VERY tight - should make for some interesting weekends coming up!


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            I thoroughly enjoyed that. Nice driving and good race craft.

            You got the job done!
            To the right of The Sheriff. Isn't everyone?


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              To be clear, I am the father/sponsor/crew chief for Ryan. I must admit that the level of racing and racecraft by all of these SoCal SM guys has been simply amazing. The SM group has been growing and we now regularly see 20+ car fields.... so much so that we now have our own session (thanks NASA). One example of the skills/maturity of these racers is that on Saturday's race - with some 24 cars almost all bumper to bumper on the oval, have to take turn 3 (off of the oval) all at once. There was a significant amount of re-ordering that occurred - but this instead of mayhem speaks a LOT for the field of drivers. Same thing on Sunday. Fierce, competitive battles all over the track, but few "incidents" for how close these drivers are racing. Super fun to watch live - as well as on in-car videos!