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We have lost Steven Levin

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  • We have lost Steven Levin

    Some of you might remember Steve. He was one of the earliest members and commenters on this forum 10 years ago.

    For those of you who don't remember, he lived in southern California at the time and he raced a Spec Racer Ford, mostly in Cal Club. He was relatively young, in his earlier 50s, but about four or five years ago he was diagnosed with liver disease. He was on a list for a new liver, and unlike my niece who was lucky to get one about four years ago, Steve never got one.

    Here is the link to his Facebook page and below is a post from his wife announcing his passing. He was in hospice and he went faster than I expected. He will be missed as a great guy, good sportsman and avid road racer. Gone too soon....

    "On Thursday May 2 in the wee hours of the morning, my beloved Steven Levin died peacefully at home. He wasn't in pain his final 24 hours and he managed to give me three gifts in those earlier hours of dying. He smiled twice while breathing heavily. The first was when I was playing music on my phone for him. I found What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong (our wedding song!) and then it transitioned to an Aerosmith song. Oops, I ran to change it and the hospice nurse said to wait that he must like it because there was the biggest smile on his face! A few moments later I told him that he was once again surrounded by a bevy of women at his bedside and that made him smile a second time. Then I told him that I loved him and he managed to gurgle back to me that he loved me too. Both the hospice nurse and the social worker understood it and looked at me. All three of us ladies then smiled and laughed. It was such a beautiful moment that my love gave me at the end.

    His parents spent the entire day with him and were able to say goodbye to him late at night. In the wee hours it was just me holding his hand, the dogs and this wonderful CNA who woke me up for his last moment. I told him that I loved him, rubbed his shoulders and then told him that it was time, that it was okay to go. He then took two more deep breaths and suddenly was gone.

    I was so happy that he didn't have any pain at the end. He held off of using the pain meds for a very long time so that he could make phone calls and have those last visits with special people. After his brother saw him on Sunday he said that it was time to give him some relief. Early on Tuesday morning his hospice nurse said to switch him to Morphine and most of that day he slept. We had one last conversation very late at night before he took his meds at midnight. I watched him fall asleep and then went to sleep myself.

    We will have his service on Monday, May 13th at 1pm at the Northwood Park Cemetery at 16407 NE 15th Avenue in Ridgefield, WA not too far from our home.

    I made around 20-25 phone calls Thursday, if I forgot you please forgive me friends, I tried to think of everyone. Please understand that if I missed you it wasn't intentional. Understandably, my mind isn't functioning as well as it should."

    God Speed Steven Levin
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    Ah dammit. He was a good egg.


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      He will be missed.
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        Very sad. Steve was such a nice guy on the Forum. My thoughts are with him and his family.


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          Bummer, he was a very nice guy.
          He came to visit me at the shop about a year ago and was dealing with his health issues, this sucks.
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            I did not know steve except through THQ. Sucks to here when someone goes too soon. RIP Steve...


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              Godspeed. I remember his avatar quite well. Now I know why he wasn't very active lately.
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                He had mention here he that he was pretty sick, I'm sad to hear he's gone. I also only knew him through his posts here but he seemed like an all around good guy. My heart goes out to his family. RIP Steve!
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                  There are so many people on TrackHq that we can come to appreciate - if only in a limited way - without meeting them in person. Steve Levin was one of them, and his wife's heart rending "final post" shows how much he valued the people he knew on the site. Her description of his last moments is such a beautiful testament to Steve, and it is good to know that he passed surrounded by so much love.


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                    This saddens me. He was an enthusiast to the end. Godspeed, Steve. We will all miss you.


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                      RIP, Steve.


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                        I loved his contributions here. I will miss that.
                        Yer pal,