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GRM- NT01 advertisement - congrats Paulie..

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  • GRM- NT01 advertisement - congrats Paulie..

    Just picked up the current Grassroots Motorsports magazine and noticed the back cover is all photos of cars running NT01s at Speedventures events and there are a couple of Paulies Z.
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    umm, has been there for few months now
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      Very cool. Anybody know who took the photos?
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        I used to have the whole back cover for about 7-9 months late last year and earlier this year. This is my other Z06 most of you have not seen out on the track since I got the yellow #22.

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          Looks like Jay's FD is on there too!
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            Originally posted by andrewdruiz View Post
            Looks like Jay's FD is on there too!
            Well I guess some one Blow my cover . .

            here are some of pic of my 7s . I dont like to Track my Turbo charge Rotary seven. yet.. Too much unknow variable there...Just want to keep it

            Light and simple
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