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Best bucket Seat ? I am Fan of Recaro SPG racer

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  • Best bucket Seat ? I am Fan of Recaro SPG racer

    Seating postion is a key element of good Track driving... I personaly try a lot of seat before

    First one. back in 1997
    Cobra Monaco. much much better then stock seat. but is steel frame... and kind da too big when you really want to corner

    Sec MOMO Nascar. 2001

    Too big not enought support... but this is a first FRP seat I used. much better then steel frame.

    Third, Cobrau.

    I consider this is a junk... bad supoort. and look dam ugly....

    I try different kind in my friend's car. like few bride. 2 sparco... and OMP.none of them really fit my bill

    I have to say the seat that sue me best is Recaro SPG Racer or SPA. I am 5.8 155LB. it fit me like a glove. good support at leg. wist and shoulder... plus
    it look so dam cool
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    i wish my buddy club bucket was fia approved


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      My favorite is Sparco Pro2000.
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        I have a pair of sparco pro2000 as well. I tried about 20 seats, and while I think the recaro gt3 seats look the best, my shoulders don't fit in them and I don't have enough lateral support.
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          I just installed Cobra Monaco in my RX-8. Doesn't really work with the stock belt, think I'm going to have to use the harness on a daily basis. I needed something cheap, decent fit (the back fits the same as my stock seats, which hold me just fine) that would give me the 5th point option, so we'll see how it suits me at the track.