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Is the For Sale section working?

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    The for sale forum has been resorted to complimentary status till I get the plugin figured out. I like Jonathan's idea over a donation button, which to me always seems tinged with desperation.


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      I like the annual fee model,,,, you wouId offer some membership benefits (including classifieds)... I would have paid every year(7 years), I think I have placed one add?



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        I'd think a $10 or $20 annual membership which would include classified ads would be a no-brainer for the usual crew of TrackHQ folks.
        Heck, maybe even offer a lifetime membership for a little more ($50 or $100?) that would include unlimited classifieds for life?

        And, without being a member charge $5 per item to post? Or per ad?

        Either way... it'd help weed out the folks who aren't here for the community and are just trying to off-load their items for sale?


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          Oh, and since I haven't seen it said lately (especially not in the thread), THANK YOU BRETT for keeping this site up and running. The level of knowledge and expertise of the community here are really second to none.
          I know it's never fun to have to start charging for "free" things, but if people balk or complain or threaten to remove their TrackHQ stickers over this... well... they're won't be missed.

          At least not by me.


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            Originally posted by bikeindirt View Post
            you would offer some membership benefits
            As a more recent member of TrackHQ... I've really lusted after the older (more expensive) two color vinyl TrackHQ stickers that I've seen on Brett's car, older pics of the 949 Miatas, etc.
            I'd gladly pony up a few dollars if that meant I could buy those.

            Perhaps a nice perk for members?


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              ^^ I'll have a word with James at to see about some of those stickers for you, Joe.


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                I proposed a one time $10 FS membership fee, that rules out spammers and first time FS poster. as a lot of parts I've sold here are $10-$25 range and it wouldn't really work to post anything cheap here if you have to pay $10.. Otherwise I understand trying to make a few bucks here to pay the bills might be needed..