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    Don't be afraid to make mistakes... Then you will be fast.

    That's why autocross is good (no consequences for making a big mistake). Other than that, it's boring.

    Also, get an instructor each time you go out, and trust what he says. If he says "flat", stay flat don't be a wiener and lift, you may just learn something... If he says WHAT THE **** YOU DOIN!, then listen to what he says as it's probably a better way to go around the track than what you're doign currently.


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      Predictive lap timing is fantastic. Very affordable these days and no real reason not to have it.


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        Originally posted by bellwilliam View Post

        your method won't work, since you are still new, so probably not able to run consistent laps (within say 2/10th of second, even then, I still say not good enough to do it reliably). you will be spending valuable time and $$$ doing unreliable tests.

        video works the best. but like Emilio said, there are reasons why some do what they do. it could be their diff, it could be a bump on track that they miss apex by 6ft intentionally (the bump at SOW Skidpad, for example). when I drive a SM, I don't run over curbs much (bad suspension), but do so when I am on good suspension.

        you need to get a data logger with predictive. cheapest is Aim SOLO, $400. $400 is nothing in the big picture. you spent a lot more than $400 with 1 HPDE day.
        Thanks a lot for the advice, I understand why my plan wouldn't work.. Its true that I won't be able to pull such laps yet. Summer is going to be hot for sure and I don't want to crack rotors like this weekend I cracked both right and left front so I might just go for Autocross events to save money for AIM SOLO so I can see my lines and evaluate results. I signed up for buttonwillow on june 3 after that event I will take a short brake then. For that event I will get my camera ready at least.


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          Originally posted by emilio700 View Post
          Watching someone else's line and working to copy it teaches you more about copying other people's lines than why that driver chose that line. While it is definitely of value, you should also be working towards understanding why the line was driven. Trajectory, inertia, momentum, track surface, vehicle dynamics, etc. If you never spoke a word to anyone and only copied, you would quickly plateau in skill level. Mimicking the more experienced drivers while studying the why and how will increase the learnage.

          Take HD video of your line from camera mounted over your shoulder. It needs to see the full windshield and your hands on the wheel. Make sure the audio is clear so we can hear the engine speed and shifts. Post that video here.
          I will buy an AIM SOLO during the hot season; I really want to benefit from everyone's experience and all of you recommended me a data logger so I decided. Besides, I am thankful for your offer. I will get a video which allows you to see my hands and what I do (My cell-phone is very capable).
          Thank your for your time.


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            Iím no expert, but IMO the first thing you should know is to get to know your carís limit. Because unless the track you are driving on consist of only simple single corners, most trackís optimum line will depend on the limits of your car. Whether you learn this on a skidpad, autoX, on the track, or thru other means, you donít need a data logger to find the limit nor is necessary to spin. Play close attention to the steering feedback, your butt, and the sound from most tires. Increase your speed slowly each lap. Once you know this limit and comfortable driving on it then you can start to find the optimum line with the advice what others have mentioned in this post. A car driving at 8/10th and 10/10th have slightly different lines. And for computer games, Iím not too familiar with whatís out there today. But be careful on which sim you choose. Some will give you bad habits.


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              Originally posted by mlk_f1 View Post
              But be careful on which sim you choose. Some will give you bad habits.
              Like running 1:56's wearing shorts and a t-shirt!!!!


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                ^ LOL yep, you sweat alot driving a simulator.


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                  Originally posted by Gian View Post
                  In fact if all of the SM group had to do 4 years of autocross before racing in SM. You would only have 1/4 of the bumping and fender damage..... ok may be But still it would help.
                  Hehe, yeah right. All of the fender bending I've been involved in the last year didn't involve someone misjudging the corners of the car. All of them either deliberate or clueless.